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"Whatever you focus on, you will feel and experience at a stronger level."

- Tony Robbins -

My man crush Tony Robbins says that whatever you focus on, you will feel and experience at a stronger level. That means we have the power to focus our attention onto our dreams and desires so we can experience them directly in our lives.

But it's more than just setting goals and intentions. In fact, life has shown me that choosing a theme is much more powerful, clear, and transformative.

When we choose a theme, it becomes a powerful lense and opportunity for healing and expansion. Then, by directing our focus, we concentrate the power of intention in one area and we become true leaders in that area of our life.

In this powerful call, I'll walk you through the guided meditation I use to choose a theme for the year.

I’ll also reveal the exact details of how I use The Power of Themes to create transformational coaching programs. If you have ever struggled with putting your bright ideas into a program that sells, themes can really support you in your creative process.

Join me live and learn the weekly, 4-step method I teach women around the world how to use to build and grow a thriving, 6-figure coaching business, completely based on the theme of radical self care.

The Power of Themes call closes the Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge and opens the doors for women who wish to continue their journey and lean further into sisterhood and the soulful practices to build a life coaching business. Not only do we get to connect voice-to-voice, you’ll also be the first to witness the opening of Mentor Masterclass 2018 and hear about the exciting bonuses I’m sharing with women live on the call.

Together, we'll celebrate the Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge. I'll be giving away prizes, and announcing the scholarship winner too!

Discover the power behind choosing a theme for the New Year.

Follow a guided meditation to choose your theme for the year - right on the call.

Learn my 4-step RSVP Method for becoming a coach & getting paying clients.

Explore how to create a purpose-filled coaching business built on self care.

Themes are different than any other New Years ritual I've ever tried. They're an incredibly memorable way to experience the year and really master feeling the way you want to feel and become the person you desire to be.

Four years ago I discovered the idea of choosing a theme from my friend Shay Kostabi and I've turned it into a powerful annual ritual that has changed my life. Every time I guide women to choose a theme for the year, we open up to experience our divine soul purpose in magical ways.

I'm continually amazed at how a theme can change EVERYTHING about the way we see and respond to events in our lives. Now I want to share that same experience with you.

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